We’re excited to collaborate for your fundraiser! Check out our options below:

  1. Themed To Go Kit Sales

How it Works: Sign up your group for a sales week (3-5 days). Select a To Go Kit option(s) to sell to your group. CMM Pasadena puts your kits online for sale on our website with a special feature link on our home page and you advertise to your group. We handle the taking of the orders and assembling of the kits. $10 (or more!) from each kit goes directly back to your fundraiser at the conclusion of the sale. 

  1. Painted Auction Items

How it Works: You purchase a piece, or group of pieces to be painted by your classroom/group. CMM Pasadena donates the paints and supplies and glazing and firing of your item(s). We can also donate customization work such as writing names or detail work. You auction off your finished work of art!

Ready to get started? Call or email. We are happy to help! 626-298-6765 or